take my hand and climb with me…

three hundred and ten degrees: ‘between you and me…’

Landscape ~ Florence + The Machine

three hundred and ten

we remain

(  b e h i n d  )





as specimen

our experiments


in love


(  w r o n g  )


what shall science



of us?


It’s burning through the bloodline…

2 comments on “three hundred and ten degrees: ‘between you and me…’

  1. Selden Vos VIII
    August 7, 2013

    Reblogged this on TheOprimer VIII.

  2. seanbidd
    August 8, 2013

    Sometimes images just wait and stare at you, other whisper the small tales of passing moments, while just a few, will take ones hand, and share what it’s like to feel alive caught inside a little of the weather shade, the places where trees will always stand to welcome the hand of the wind, and the food of the sky.

    Beating, liquid weather fractures
    Congragating slow, vertical
    Looking up, and out above
    Branches maping tracks
    The shade between waters
    Solid flow an arching moment
    A little lost, just cold air to face
    Like soaked leaves upon soles
    Too delish, soul food for words
    Eyes, not a stranger waits
    For the sounds to fill the sphere
    Sounds of rain to the beating heart
    The beating heart beneath the skin
    Beneath the weather fractures..

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