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Monthly Archives: March, 2013

one hundred and eighty two degrees: ‘together we can see…’

Roll Away Your Stone ~ Mumford and Sons From death, like a phoenix. That which, is real. Will rise. Your heart, crowned. In light. I stand, in awe. Feeling, suddenly. … Continue reading

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one hundred and eighty one degrees: ‘grace of the one…’

Quill ~ Bison In mourning, mother sky. Raining, cries. Her son, lost. Crucified, by cloud. And buried. Sorrow, echoes. Through caverns, empty halls. Of mist. How can love, provoke. Such … Continue reading

March 30, 2013 · 2 Comments

one hundred and eighty degrees: ‘dark and empty skies…’

Death Is Not The End ~ Bob Dylan Crossing, the abyss. Having stretched, pole to pole. An arc. Transcribed in thin, silver thread. He bisects, the void. To walk, the … Continue reading

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one hundred and seventy nine degrees: ‘trust me…’

Undisclosed Desires ~ Muse Your heart, to mine. Syncopated, beating. In time with, the one. Heart, of all. Whole, greater. Than, it’s sum. Of individuated, parts. ( trismegistus ) My … Continue reading

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one hundred and seventy eight degrees: ‘maybe it’s time…’

Dealer Wins ~ The Beautiful Girls How you, flowed. In, and out. Of my life, like light. Sun’s disappearing, act. Magically luminates, the moon. You hid, your heart. Practiced poker, … Continue reading

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one hundred and seventy seven degrees: ‘I find complete love…’

Let It Be Me ~ Phil Everly Sacred man, iridescent soul. Wild heart, healing. Flesh, made whole. Our paths, intersecting. And flipped. From, the first. Plant me, a sycamore. Sapling, … Continue reading

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one hundred and seventy six degrees: ‘low and behold…’

Rise ~ Eddie Vedder At this, midpoint. Where heaven, and earth. Meet, to kiss. A tree, is born. From seed, of light. Though buried, deep. In a loamy, grave. And … Continue reading

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one hundred and seventy five degrees: ‘tell yourself a thought that’s true…’

Blue Truth ~ Jamie Woon Morning. Dawn, breaks. Molten gold, leaking. Through grey, cloud. Two, blue heron. Summount, the oak. Like angels. While autumn, lambs prance. In the greening, fields. … Continue reading

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one hundred and seventy four degrees: ‘ask the ministry…’

Harrowdown Hill ~ Thom Yorke Constrained, by a cube. Held, captive. By, matter. Meta, material. Dark, earth. Alluvial, soil. Silent underground, womb. Where, the buried. Seed, sleeps. Natural intelligence, flaunts. … Continue reading

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one hundred and seventy three degrees: ‘turning of the season…’

Don’t Carry It All ~ The Decemberists Seed, light. Born, of almond. Or pomegranate. Black Friday, castrated. And hung, from a pine. Felled, to remember. Attis. Nailed, to the plane. … Continue reading

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