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Monthly Archives: November, 2012

sixty one degrees: ‘fractured from the fall…’

Two ~  Ryan Adams Moon waning, lightning’s heart root. Night shadows germinate, and bloom. Sharp lines blur and fade. Groping, directionless. Blindly waging wars, project outward the broken. Upon a … Continue reading

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sixty degrees: ‘dying in the cold…’

Listen to the Voices ~ Labi Siffre When your world collapses. Bank accounts run red. Your great heart, full to bursting, shatters and falls still. Civilizations rise, and fall. Fortunes … Continue reading

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fifty nine degrees: ‘teach me to fly…’

Maybe I’m A Beggar ~ Supertramp Another day, another blessing. The natural world, so rich. Searching for Mowgli, Max  discovers a nest. Abandoned to the long grass. Perhaps blown off … Continue reading

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fifty eight degrees: ‘this is a promise with a catch…’

True Love Will Find You In The End ~ Daniel Johnston Blessing today: a butterfly emerges with regal splendour. Powder perfect wings, crumpled from the tight folded fit. Shaky and … Continue reading

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fifty seven degrees: ‘spending your time thinking…’

Everybody Here Is a Cloud ~ Cloud Cult I want to give you something. A present. Well no, THE present. I’m currently trying to gift it to myself and thought, … Continue reading

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fifty six degrees: ‘crop circles in the carpet…’

Hide and Seek ~ Imogen Heap My first gift, to you. Love child of, The Dreaming. And, a fever tree. At night. Magic book, hidden core. Contained creation, bear and … Continue reading

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fifty five degrees: ‘if the curve of you was curved on me…’

New York ~ Snow Patrol Ferocious gale, races howling. Horizontal, rain falls. Trees bend, nature’s grace. Yoga’s surrender, art acceptance. Curled, warm and safe. With books, blankets. A trilogy of … Continue reading

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fifty four degrees: ‘bless the light that shines on you…’

Days ~ The Kinks Strange dreams, thanks giving. Hearts wired, for love. Hard though, its learning. Rage undressed, fear seen. Fatal wound, shot through with sadness. Robbed you, of self. … Continue reading

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fifty three degrees: ‘eternity under the old oak tree…’

Ugly Love ~ Eels Less than pretty, rough and gritty.  Courage act, master embrace. True love, its entirety. Dynamic tension, electric tightrope. Human, extreme. Your best, inhale. Worst, breathe out. … Continue reading

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fifty two degrees: ‘a three-fold Utopian dream…’

I Miss You (acoustic) ~ Incubus Snap shot, solar flair. Shards of diamond, rainbowed. Streaming through the air. Though you say it’s hopeless, and I respect your point of view. … Continue reading

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