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Monthly Archives: December, 2012

ninety two degrees: ‘I will feed the new…’

Life​/​Death​/​Rebirth (I Will Devour) ~ Nate Maingard So ends, a year. Heaven, and hell. Trials, of fire. And still, we stand. To face, the new. Celebrate, tonight. Beneath, the stars. … Continue reading

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ninety one degrees: ‘stand by my side…’

All I Want Is You ~ Barry Louis Polisar ( artwork: Alex Hamilton ) * Inherent in, destruction. A promise. New life, beginning. What fire, ended. Seed, of creation. Rests, … Continue reading

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ninety degrees: ‘it goes like this…’

Hallelujah ~ John Cale Cloud, streamers. Strewn across, windswept skies. Gentle end, devastating day. Pain, sadness. So much, loss. Driving winds, ravenous fire. Inferno. Over mountains, bleak desolation. Homes, destroyed. … Continue reading

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eighty nine degrees: ‘dancin’ in the midnight sun…’

Do Ya ~ Neil Nathan Lunar rises, gold. Like sun, only brighter. Illuminated, by night. Black lace, shadow. Drunken disc, slow ascension. And I, wonder. Whether you, remember. To look, … Continue reading

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eighty eight degrees: ‘whichever way the wind is blowing…’

I Like The Way This Is Going ~ Eels Wake, to wind. Violent, stirring. Waves leap, yesterday’s calm. Pool. I stand, blown. And laughing. Delight, in the mighty. Power, force … Continue reading

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eighty seven degrees: ‘barefoot on a summer night…’

Home ~ Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros Headed back, to the farm. Passage marked, by harks. Black, eagle. And a hare, knocked down. I stop, once. To move, the … Continue reading

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eighty six degrees: ‘the blessing I shall ask…’

Fill The World With Love ~ Petula Clark Tis the season, to be merry. Celebration, of love. Family. Friends. Profound abundance, blessings. This marvelous, life. A gift. * To be … Continue reading

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eighty five degrees: ‘our finest gifts we bring…’

Little Drummer Boy ~ Pink Martini Spirit, given form. Each having, their own. Beautiful beating, blood drum. Precious life, exquisite dream. Come to honour, divine. On earth. By playing, a … Continue reading

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eighty four degrees: ‘the only thing I know to do…’

Girl In The War ~ Josh Ritter Somewhere. In the middle, of nowhere. Dry mecca, of crushed glass. And concrete. World created, of wire and dust. Where you might, belong. … Continue reading

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eighty three degrees: ‘by the wings of dreams…’

Be ~ Neil Diamond Another magical day. Deep gratitude, and celebration. As we shift, into summer. Our blood drums, blossom. In later afternoon, heat. Beneath sky, aching blue. And endless. … Continue reading

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