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one hundred and thirteen degrees: ‘the high and crumbling moon…’

Calliope ~ The Veils

one hundred and thirteen

Long afternoon, swim. Liquid meditation, flow. Sunlight, catches water. Droplets, sparkling. Like terrestrial, stars. Night, approaches. Twilight, begins weaving. Her sky, a spider’s web. Of diamond, shards. Earthbound, and infinitesimal. We look up, in awe. This most magical, blessing. Of life.


You and I come from the same place…

22 comments on “one hundred and thirteen degrees: ‘the high and crumbling moon…’

  1. seanbidd
    January 22, 2013

    As the soft hues fade, to a, dreamy blue world. Where time finds, night at her edge, of moonlight’s desire. To bath silver the, drum hill heart’s ever round reaching. Branches skyward, spread, out across the land. Visions of a night, caught passing. Kissing life’s embrace.

    Beautiful words/world you have above… I like how you are living at the heart of your 360tree project and of the different perspectives you explore as you pass through each degree along the way.

    • circulartree
      January 22, 2013

      Wow Sean, you have a beautiful way of weaving magic with words. Thank you for stopping by to share your poetic thoughts… such a lovely addition to what I wrote. I read your story and resonate with your experience of stepping out into the unknown following your path. You carry your wide open country heart with you wherever you go. And being someone who spent time in hospital, I sense any person who is cared for by you will be profoundly blessed by your presence… Much love from beneath a tree in the middle of nowhere, Bx

      • seanbidd
        January 23, 2013

        Wow Bx, thanks.. What’s the serenity of the blue hour like there once the pastel colours fade from the sky, before nightfall or the morning glow? When everything is bathed in shades of blue reflecting from the sky’s final, or earliest light.

        That would be a picture to see, a writer and poet, tending to their craft beneath a tree such as the one you are sharing time with now… Much appreciation from the tropics of the Coral Sea, love and care, Sean

      • circulartree
        January 23, 2013

        You’re most welcome Sean of the Coral Sea. The ‘B’ stands for Blou, which is Afrikaans for Blue. So your question is rather apt… I’m in love with the twilight out here, the ‘blue’ hour as you put it where the light almost white blue sky slowly deepens by degree, calling forth depth and vitality to the fields and mountains, in resplendent shades of the usually day bleaches sunburnt and pale. And then the darker hues start coming through… my favourite being that inky midnight blue that is rich and deep, one second before it becomes pitch black. I wrote a piece of flash fiction celebrating that time once.

        I’m very blessed to be where I am. And more so now with fellow travelers from across the world, brightening my vista with their thoughts and images… all climbing together. All voyaging somewhere. I say again: how lucky we are. Love and best wishes, from here to there, Bx

      • seanbidd
        January 23, 2013

        Blou, do you happen to be graced with flowing red locks of hair? For that is the first thought to come to mind when someone has a real or nickname of Blue.

        It’s like a painting that time of day, the land clothing itself with your apt description of inky midnight blue. Do you still know where the flash fiction resides?

        We are lucky, to be able to travel beyond the concrete, clay, and steel of the urban world, to far countries, beyond constructed roads meant to curb our freedoms. Climbing the many directions, our choices a many to explore.. Love and sweet days, Sean

      • circulartree
        January 24, 2013

        More a deep hazel with streaks of auburn than tresses of scarlet locks. Real name. Biological father = artist, Afrikaans. Favourite colour: blue. Voila. But it’s a name I intend to shed shortly…

        That’s *exactly* what it feels like – and each day I’m astonished by the sheer beauty of its composition. I do: most of my more ‘wordy’ writing resides here: http://www.scarletnguni.com but I’ll look up the link to ‘sonskyn en rose’ (trans: sunshine and roses) and send it through to you, if you’d like?

        Indeed – this blogosphere offers a kind of teleportation tool, allowing us to travel across oceans and continents and connect with lovely like minded, warm hearted and talented people who breathe life and joy into our souls. Here’s to choices, paths, journeys. Love, truth, freedom. May the stars shine brightly in your dreams and the sun imbue your day with joy. Sweet days… and sweet nights. Much love, Bx

      • seanbidd
        January 26, 2013

        No stars or sunshine for a few days now, but that’ll change, just some delightful rain that arrived a little fast, and gentler falls now.

        To shed a name, what might be the exchange, something different, something natural, or to something of old and a connection too?

        It feels good when one finds a good and interesting composition, to explore its presence, existence, being further than just while passing.

        Sure, would love to read ‘sonskyn en rose’, if possible.

        Yes, here’s to setting out (leading with our feet, real or virtual) in the multitude of directions within our hearts, as wayfarers of creative worlds across time and space, to be set free on a breeze, like the dust blown from upon every story ever told. (That was too much, wasn’t it, with a laugh?)

        Love, truth, freedom, with every pitch, pivot, and crux that challenges us to improve where they dwell in and about us.

        May you also have the same brilliant days and nights, beneath the fringes of Capricorn, upon the path of a setting sun. Warmth and love under a Summer Sun, Sean


      • circulartree
        January 28, 2013

        Love the idea of dust blown from every story told – I get this image of an ancient universal library housing every tale every thought or written, leather-bound book with crumbling covers and parchment pages, ink so light you can barely read the words… and all this magic story dust, waiting to be blown out into the world…

        Thank you for finding scarlet and reading Sonskyn. I like you like using prompts to kick start the creative process and have found using a 10 minute time limit for the initial draft a great way to cut out the heckling internal critic… some rather interesting (and surprising) plots have unfolded!

        And as for the new name, I have no idea yet. Though I know it will be given to me, and if it’s old, it’ll be ancient and possibly even in a different language. I carry within my heart a certain joyful anticipation at the thought of finally finding my ‘true’ name…

        Love from golden fields and wild winds – may your rain fall like silver drops of drew to swell the growing wells of poetry and prose within your soul! Bx

      • seanbidd
        January 31, 2013

        Dust blown from every story told, that is exactly the thought, books covered in dust and cobwebs, ancient and various states of decay… they are magic place to disappear into and find a friend for a while.

        So much research rolls around in my head, and how to discover floats easy on a breeze for me. It was such a treat to find Sonskyn. Love the challenge of packing different elements into something short…From little things big things grow. Something I love, is all aspects to multimedia and communications, and writing is a part of that, but I need to utilise it more.

        I’m kind a partial to names that have their roots in the natural world. Where do you think a new name might travel before it reaches you?

        May your morning be a flutter with colour and sounds of a waking world as words and thoughts drift to you from east to west, Sean

      • circulartree
        January 31, 2013

        Oh for the love of books and ancient labyrinthine libraries… here’s a gem for you to watch :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VljJIQuPDSE

        One of the blessings on living in this age is being able to play with all these disparate and powerful mediums, to create something unique and unusual. Personal and new. I guess words will always be my main modality but even there my passion is to play with images. And I love how photography lends itself to this too, but from an entirely different angle. SO glad you liked Sonskyn – I got into doing these 10 minute Flash Fictions in Write Club and it has become a real source of creative freedom where I am nothing but a vessel for my subconscious to speak through. Try it sometime – all you need is a timer and a prompt. Open a book to any page, choose a sentence/three words phrase and WRITE! No editing or trying to twist the plot – simply allow the story to emerge. Would love to read a few when you’re done – you’ll be amazed by what comes through.

        My new name? Ah, I sense it will have had to travel half the world and be excavated from some ancient sacred site. Like Mexico. Or Peru. It’s that waiting thing again – I know I will recognize it when it arrives. And I sense it will be given to me…

        As the moon traverses my sky, may the sun glide through yours and bless your heart with joy…

      • seanbidd
        February 1, 2013

        I have a love of animation shorts, of all kinds, and the different techniques made use of to tell a short tale, spoken or not.

        I’ll give it a go, words or a phrase from a page in a book, I’m wondering if I should avoid technical books for the task… Plots just twist on their own with me, they don’t like the straight and narrow 🙂

        What ancient names sleep in your history? Mexico and Peru are interesting spaces in the troposphere, many old song lines would seem to pass through their lands and waterways even if we know little of them.

        May the hunter and his compass always guide your way, with the setting of the Sun at the end of each seasons’ days.

      • circulartree
        February 4, 2013

        Let me know what you think of this one – I loved it! And UP has to be one of my favourite, favourites of the long playing kind.

        Well, actually… I think you might have a whole lotta fun with a technical phrase or two. Certainly push the limits of creativity and I’m sure you’ll come up with something utterly unconventional and ingenious. Which is the point, really. I’m all about the suddenly twist and lash of the tale *wink*

        We wait to see! I feel it coming, I sense it’s outline and ether signature but have no firm hold on it’s form. A name, is a name, is a… most important thing. And when someone knows you true name, well… then they really get you. If that makes sense?

        May the big bear watch over your sleeping and fill your dreams with inspiration…

      • seanbidd
        February 5, 2013

        Absolutely *loved* “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore”… Even had to share it with some friends whom have this thing for books, and the fact that they are a living, breathing entity, well in their own kind of way.

        I saw Up a while ago at a friends place, will have to watch it again.

        Talking of Tails, I mean tales, here is a trailer of an animation short, it has only just started doing the film festival rounds in the last few weeks. So no full version around on the web yet, I think. The creator/writer of the story is a young Australian woman whom suffered injuries from a major motorcycle incident, and during her recovery wrote the story as a children’s book. It took them a while to get the cast they sort out (also was partially crowded funded) “A Cautionary Tail”

        I will certainly have ago at the unconventional, and see where it travels as it skirts the fringes and twists around wrought tension, of some kind.

        A name, yeah… how we identify ourselves, rather than be classified by others, what makes us unique and embracing it (reference to “A Cautionary Tail”).

        May your dreams flow as free as the solar winds of times not past, nor forgotten, as words catch their passing waves..

      • seanbidd
        February 2, 2013

        Not sure if this part would of made sense… The reference to the hunter and his compass is to the constellations of Orion and the Southern Crux.,. As your world turns, may each new window to the changing day night sky find fresh words in your heart and hand…

      • circulartree
        February 4, 2013

        Oh yes, I *really* like that! You clearly share my great love of symbolism Sean… thank you for your kind wishes, as you probably know too well, words are a fickle muse. Some days flowing, and easy. Other times falling over one another like two left feet. Some nights I stare at the screen and literally will words from the keyboard with about as much hope as getting to parallel lines to meet. That said, I still love every minute. Even the agonizing labours. An eternal lesson in balance and letting go. Love from the leafy shade to your island palm, Bx

      • seanbidd
        February 5, 2013

        The other day, I made comment on a fellow writer’s blog where they spoke of the well of inspiration lacking that day, and that they delved into the bucket and it was empty. I suggested a bucket itself has stories, as they carry a history about themselves, where they’ve been, what they’ve been used for, who used them, etc.

        Today I was contemplating, when one reads stories about a message in a bottle, what if it was a message inscribed, carved into the bottom of an old weather beaten, wooden bucket that washes up on the tide. But you take it home and don’t find out there is a message at the bottom of the bucket until you wash it out. The story could go anywhere at this point, something as ordinary as a bucket, even have their stories to tell.

        Yes, agonizing labours… When I’m pressed for something to write and it’s not happening, I tend to fall into the natural world (its free and wild state), and the conflicts they produce in complete opposite directions at an elemental scale. To see how nature challenges its own capacity to exist in an experimental harmony to balance each of their realms at their fringes.

        Some times then I might look for characters of different potentials, which could be anything from plants, people, animals, or even something inorganic, etc, and explore their actions, reactions, strengths, vulnerabilities, and existence.

        No longer an island now, flood waters are reseeding, but there are a few ,120 year old Royal Palms a short short barefoot walk from home. From the summer night air in the east to your summer afternoon delight in the west, Sean

  2. countingducks
    January 22, 2013

    The light at that time of day always makes everything look magical. I love it

    • circulartree
      January 22, 2013

      The sky’s like a pastel rainbow, waxing moon shining bright and stars beginning to peak through. I love watching the slow transition to night… the final moments of daylight. What a wonderful world, right? 🙂

    • circulartree
      January 24, 2013

      Oh wow, thank YOU Luke!! So honoured 🙂 Going off a meditation weekend tomorrow so will get my acceptance post up next week…

      • Blue88journal
        January 25, 2013

        ahhhh, a weekend of meditation. sounds great. Enjoy. Luke

      • circulartree
        January 25, 2013

        SO excited – it’s *exactly* what I need right now. Thank you Luke (skywalker…)

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