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three hundred and forty seven degree: ‘all those plans…’

In Your Arms Again ~ Josh Ritter meditating with the moon ~ (  s h e  ) who reflects the solar flame ~ in universal y e a r n … Continue reading

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two hundred and seventy eight degrees: ‘angels laid her away…’

Folk Bloodbath ~ Josh Ritter the crux or the crucible who is fit to tell? * I’m hoping that it ain’t true…

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two hundred and nineteen degrees: ‘in chain reactions…’

The Temptation Of Adam ~ Josh Ritter Sky spilling, over. In shining, streaks. Of light. Clouds burnished, silver. Storms brew, beyond. The mountains. And I wonder, whether. It’s just, the … Continue reading

May 7, 2013 · 9 Comments

one hundred and fifty nine degrees: ‘hearts as big as apples…’

Wings ~ Josh Ritter Midnight walk, calling. For Mowgli. By torch, and star. Light. Yields, no. Tuxedo, cat. Morning, grey skies. Groaning. Sheer weigh, of rain. These unshed, tears. Again, … Continue reading

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one hundred and twenty one degrees: ‘smoke from a lithium dream…’

Thin Blue Flame ~ Josh Ritter Overberg, afire. Smoke chokes, the trees. Robs oxygen, from air. Burning billows,  scrim. Laced, through sky. Like dark veils, you wore. Covering both, eyes. … Continue reading

January 29, 2013 · 5 Comments

eighty four degrees: ‘the only thing I know to do…’

Girl In The War ~ Josh Ritter Somewhere. In the middle, of nowhere. Dry mecca, of crushed glass. And concrete. World created, of wire and dust. Where you might, belong. … Continue reading

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