take my hand and climb with me…

two hundred and eighty one degrees: ‘a stable address…’

The Point of It All ~ Amanda Palmer

two hundred and eighty one

another move

everything’s constantly



gypsy feet

silently seek

( s o m e w h e r e )

I might call



here amoung

champagne clouds

I find temporary

( r e s p i t e )


this firework sky


With a beautiful view of the sea…

2 comments on “two hundred and eighty one degrees: ‘a stable address…’

  1. Gorgeous pic!!!

  2. seanbidd
    July 13, 2013

    I just want to wander these days, deep beneath a blue sky caught by the rays, Sometime after the storm I might wake, listening to the dirt, the dust kicking up from my feet, Roaming out here half lost between the tall with their leaves, waiting for the clouds to shatter, to break the short days free, being here out to walk the many miles to the sea, to hear the ocean sounds bounce back overhead from the trees, resting here upon the sands to live, between the tidal rips beneath, oh the red earth, these places to breathe, like in the winds streaming their wild company, never to be lost between this old red earth, or the sea…

    Kind of reminds me of walking the forty kilometres from here to the sea, thinking all the while, beneath the blue trees with their leaves, past the Berserker Mountains, across the coastal ranges, their plains, to the fringe of the reef. Kind of…

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