take my hand and climb with me…

two hundred and seventy six degrees: ‘how did the river get so wide…’

Tower of Song ~ Leonard Cohen

two hundred and seventy six

I saw you, and knew I would touch you…

we reached for the moon, lit up so tall…

You knew then that I would climb you,

even though you warned I could fall.


But we grew every way, leaves burst forth…

branches scratched at our inner-together eye,

our loveblood bubbled, souls soared…

and we didn’t care about what or why.


Then the promise of a seed pod dropped, I fell with it…

The rains came and the river between us got so wide,

It may be, baby, we won’t have to lose our leaves again,

I’m waiting, beautiful growing being, on the other side…


For your whole, that hole in the centre of you…

where that crack is, and where the light gets in,

then shines and shades, and shadows slow-dance,

may yet widen, open, and release the sun within.


At least we won’t have to lose it again…


( It’s been a veritable age since the last guest post so please extend a warm welcome to fellow photographer/scribe, Fred Hatman, who spends his time inspiring others to contract a sunny SA Positive condition with words and images. )

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