take my hand and climb with me…

one hundred and forty five degrees: ‘the intensity…’

Danger Zone (from Top Gun) ~ Kenny Loggins

one hundred and forty five

Eyes, of fire. Blood drum, furnace. Heat, rises. Through muscle, and skin. Touch, to banish. Ghosts. Command the undead, die. Push,to terminal. Velocity. Spinning, free. At the brink, of eternity. Love, there’s no. Gravity.

merci i

sigh less

this apogee

le charme

est casse


Always where I burn to be…

4 comments on “one hundred and forty five degrees: ‘the intensity…’

  1. seanbidd
    February 24, 2013

    The photo feels like motion at great speed, but not completely in control of a continuous barrel roll. A little dizzying as if there are two centres at the core (one dark, one light), the first beckoning as if calling, come in this direction. The other centre, the lighter one, which seems to be the direction making to arrive at, but it is a little further away. It’s like light and darkness in a struggle within the same storm. I was watching a documentary on tornadoes last night, this one storm had two distinct formations some distance apart. One was a single clean shaped stovepipe vortex formation, while the other was a messy mulit-vortex formation. What you have captured in your photo, reminds me a little of the same aspects the tornadoes presented in a single storm.

    Between chaos and harmony,
    Climbing through the world within,
    Passing brief, each ancient ring,
    Small moments caught up, time between,
    Distortion, faces, realms far deep,
    Escape’s velocity, tilt above, events’ horizons,
    Brake, full throttle, find vertical clean air,
    Here rushing backwards, through the liquid blue,
    Green ocean’s past, where tales release,
    Tumble, leave, redefine unkempt, the
    Freedoms, open spaces, mind escape
    Traveller, above, beneath, with in the Way,
    Where passages, spread broad and far,
    Out on an open road, between the many distant stars..

    • circulartree
      February 25, 2013

      I think you’ve pretty much summed this image up by giving it depth and complexity. There has been a maelstrom building the last while: between lawyers and a crashing harddrive, digging through ancient archives and revisiting old disappointments… emotion, thoughts and memories swirl. The spirals pull inwards, curving tighter. I so love the space invoked of your final line – an open road between distant stars? Ah, yes… this line offers peace and solace. I thank you as I draw a breath between words. Love at the end of a blessed Monday, Bx

      • seanbidd
        February 26, 2013

        Escape clear to the other side… Love, light mist, and the stars above, Sean

      • circulartree
        February 26, 2013

        With nothing to escape but myself… I’m finding space between breaths. As I look up at the infinite galaxy, and drink in the profound peace of sky. Full moon, rising. With love, Bx

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