take my hand and climb with me…

one hundred and forty one degrees: ‘at the edge of the sky…’

Great Heart ~ Johnny Clegg and Savuka

one hundred and forty one

How do I, explain. What I know, without knowing. This kismet, you. Inscribed, in my heart. By tiny, stars. It is written. I feel, you. Approaching. From afar, growing near. I feel, your name. Beating, within. My blood drum, pounding. The universe, aligns. To tell, our story. The moment, coming. Sacred promise: kairos. I am waiting, love.


I see the fire in your eyes…

13 comments on “one hundred and forty one degrees: ‘at the edge of the sky…’

  1. seanbidd
    February 18, 2013

    I’ve stumbled, lost within this one. So much, that the morning here. Escapes beneath a rain filled sky. To travel till I can see the edge of the sky. To venture fast, far beyond the static clouds. Through the forests till time hesitates no more. Running with the tall grasses of open plains, Dreaming night’s edge of darkness, caught drifting on Sun burnished skies… Always, love to hear stories, can rest in the grass and listen for hours. Beautiful combination to find in today’s short past.

    • circulartree
      February 19, 2013

      Oh no! Somehow my response got gobbled up by the ether gremlins. Light and power are fading swiftly here and I think this might be leading to some user error on this side! Have you ever been to Africa? You capture the magic of her magnificent red soil so well – the endless skies, barren plains and fierce, untamed wild life. A beautiful place to live, and dream… And this song distils that sense and makes my whole soul blaze with joy to be rooted in the earth here. Sending love from east to west, Bx

      • seanbidd
        February 20, 2013

        Have not made it to Africa, though my brother in Ubud has been there a few times.

        Australia’s vast inland is an expanse of red soil (and dust), our wildlife is a little different, still some are fierce, and untamed. Some deserts here in the wet, turn into vast beds of wild flowers, another decorated by many smooth stones. Sunsets in the Topend turn many shades from red to purple from the volcanic ash in the air from volcanoes in Indonesia. Here a land of contrasts, as is Africa, which makes it possible to find connections, and write of similar beauty that is nomadic in their differences, as you pass from one area to the next.

        Love the song, the part that got me first is the full sound of the arrangement, a sound that lifts you up, with feeling the need to go places wild and different from the static.

        To journey the long way around, across the seas of wild flowers, love from warm ocean currents, Sean

      • circulartree
        February 25, 2013

        Ah as you paint it, Australia and Africa are quite similar! So you understand the sense of contrast, power and beauty well! Both are wild magical ‘earthy’ continents…

        Have you seen the movie Jock of the Bushveld? Our version of Red Dog, in a way. A bit of a classic now but worthwhile finding, if you can.

        Love from the scenic route, Bx

      • seanbidd
        February 26, 2013

        No, have not seen, Jock of the Bushveld. I did have a look around the other day, and I think there’s two or three movies. Which one do you recommend? Also during the look around came across the whole book available over on Gutenberg.

        Love from the grass tracks few travel, Sean

      • circulartree
        February 26, 2013

        Ah, then you have something to look forward to! This is the one, http://www.movies4africa.co.za/catalog.php?act=item_detail&id=D10700 made all the way back in the 80’s. So I watched it as a kid… and cried my heart out! Um, poor old dog new tricks stuff: but what, pray tell is Gutenberg? It sound so, erhm, German?

        Love from off the beaten track, Bx

      • seanbidd
        February 26, 2013

        Gutenberg (is a project) are dedicated to preservation of old texts that are no longer in print and are out of copyright, and they do it digitally.
        The name Gutenberg originally relates to the development of a (the first) printing press that allowed for the mass production of books, a few hundred plus years back. Bringing literature and education to the masses, and taking the power away from those that controlled it in the form of long hand writing, etc.

      • circulartree
        March 1, 2013

        Ah, thank you for this! Another reference to the Gutenberg project crossed so clearly I’m met to meander through it’s archives…

      • seanbidd
        February 27, 2013

        I’ll see if I can track a copy of the film down, thanks for which one.

        Oh, and also have a family connection with South Africa, but it goes back a ways.

        Love from beneath the vast watered silk, between mud tracks, and the tall wet grasses, Sean

      • circulartree
        March 1, 2013

        …good luck! And let me know what you think once you’ve watched it. I trust you’ve seen Red Dog though? It’s a film from your continent – if not, put it on your list for this weekend!

        Really? That’s interesting – do tell!

        Love from the atop a tall tree, swaying from the belly of a low hanging cloud, Bx

  2. seanbidd
    March 3, 2013

    Red Dog, yes, have watched, and have now managed to track down a copy of Jock Of The Bushveld.

    It’s a bit of a long tale, and on the paternal side, my 3xg grandfather (in the RN at the time) was the eldest of 14, he helped to settle his father, mother and siblings in the Eastern Cape (I think it was around 1820), they finished up in a place called Bathurst. Some 7 – 10 years later he was passing by there again, as an owner of schooner on route to Australia. He made an attempt to sell the ship in South Africa, but the deal fell through, so then continued on to Australia with his family, plus I think, one sister, and his father’s youngest sister. A cousin has the whole story somewhere.

    Love from above the bow of a Mango Tree resting beneath African Tulips and Silky Oaks, as the scents’ of Lemon Scented Gums drift upon light rain, Sean

    • circulartree
      March 5, 2013

      Oh wow, I’ve been to Bathurst (yes, you’re right it is in the EC, near Port Alfred). And up to the place where there’s a monument to settler/explorers – wonder if I read your ancestor’s name without knowing it? And how close you came to being a South African 😉

      I *loved* Red Dog, hope you enjoy Jock – let me know what you think once you’ve watched it!

      Love from the sweltering heat of the 2nd shearing season with the feisty scent of white tiger balm and wool oils on the breeze, Bx

      • seanbidd
        March 5, 2013

        Possibly you did read a name or two, I did read somewhere, that one of the siblings ventured into and returned from country that few had managed.

        Shearing season, reminds me of stories my dad’s cousin has told me about my grandfather and his father, when the family had sheep and cattle stations over here. The lower latitudes over here feeling the same heat at the moment.

        Love from a cooling South-east’a, across open ground from the sea and the river it loves, Sean

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