take my hand and climb with me…

one hundred and thirty seven degrees: ‘mirrored it a million fold…’

Flight 180 ~ Bishop Allen

one hundred and thirty seven

We rise, today. Every sister: mother, daughter. To our feet, blazing. Like, a phoenix. Acrid ash, past violations. These crimes, against humanity. Lust, for power. Over. To break, spirit. Unbreakable, soul. We stand. With our brothers: fathers, sons. Those who love, and protect. With true, strength. Together. One billion, strong. We rise. In love.


If you feel like dancing, dance with me…

8 comments on “one hundred and thirty seven degrees: ‘mirrored it a million fold…’

  1. J.H. White
    February 14, 2013


    • circulartree
      February 17, 2013

      Thank you lovely lady… may our hearts beat strong! Bx

  2. countingducks
    February 15, 2013


    • circulartree
      February 17, 2013

      Thank you Peter! One of those days when light, lens and luck coincide at *just* the right moment…

  3. seanbidd
    February 16, 2013

    The phoenix in flight come up well… Standing together!

    • circulartree
      February 17, 2013

      Thank you Sean! Same technique as one hundred and twenty seven (piercing the rainbow…), the colours were electric and then these feminine figures seemed to rise from the ground. Perfect tribute of light and lens for 1 Billion Rising. Indeed – together we stand! (sorry I’ve been quiet for so long – between lack of sunshine and solar power to data issues and then an electronic allergy… feeling a little out of the loop) Lots of love from venus and the half moon, Bx

      • seanbidd
        February 18, 2013

        Laughing a little here,…. an electronic allergy…. First thought to come to mind, phone, laptop, etc, all got hay-fever after the rain, a world in bloom… Second thought, a beautiful world outside, friends, family, visitors, and outings, much to do while the sun shines, with a little wine, food and good company.

        Confronting (in a good way) with it’s semiotic signs, the photo carries such an incredible charge with its depiction and dedication for 1One Billion Rising.

        Love from a mist rain night sky of soft tones, Sean

      • circulartree
        February 19, 2013

        Hehe… can picture all my gadgets grim with late summer hay fever. But you’re right on the 2nd – its more me wanting to engage in the natural world: to read real books, wander beneath the stars, go pick melon ad look for blue crane feathers, play with the cats and write long hand upon a creaming paper page. And yes, been blessed with some delightful visits by lovely friends, old and new. This realm seems to attract them…

        And thank you. The ‘movement’ is one close to my heart and the heart of our world wide community so I’m really glad it you ‘see’ what I was trying to capture and portray.

        Love from the wild skies of a storm inked night, Bx

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