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ninety eight degrees: ‘reminded of things I’ve forgotten…’

Blue Angels Air Show ~ Bright Eyes

ninety eight

Magic, skies. Midnight, milky way. Obsidian robe, bright with diamond shards. Look up, the heavens. Stars. Light’s proof, of love. Reflected. Today, blue cranes. Soaring. Three hawks, circle the tree. Fish eagle, calls. I swim laps, in the dam. With geese. Walk home, through sunshine. Golden fields, of wheat. Happily dripping. Turn to see, graceful blue heron. Like an angel, mount the tree. So much wonder, here. Awed, by this present. And nature’s abundant, great green heart.


We’ve been selected in this beautiful lottery…

12 comments on “ninety eight degrees: ‘reminded of things I’ve forgotten…’

  1. scottie27
    January 7, 2013

    You just took me to somewhere beautiful , thank you 🙂

    • circulartree
      January 7, 2013

      You’re so welcome Scottie – you made my evening by taking the time to tell me that 🙂 Your blog has given me many bright bursts of beautiful inspiration!

      • scottie27
        January 7, 2013

        well, I am having a small glass of rum before I go to sleep – I shall raise my glass to you and say cheers and sweet dreams 🙂

  2. circulartree
    January 7, 2013

    *clink* cheers! sweet way past midnight dreams… may the sun rise with radiant glory to shine on your week ahead

  3. judybarton
    January 7, 2013

    I like midnight, stars, love, trees, sunshine and all the other stuff.
    I wonder of midnight, stars, love, trees, sunshine and of all the other stuff.
    So, I think your stuff is similar to my one.
    Anyway, thank you to show the Beauty.

    • circulartree
      January 7, 2013

      Here’s to kindred spirits who love midnight, stars, trees, sunshine and the other magical stuff of life! Thank you for your kind comment Judy and the exquisite beauty of your work…

  4. derekevens
    January 8, 2013

    Very well written, Love the style and look forward to more. I will take the time to go back in the degrees to catch up on more, I only found your blog this morning. Enjoy your day!

    • circulartree
      January 9, 2013

      Thank you so much Derek, for dropping by to visit and the kindness of your comment. I’m blown away by the magnificent of your gorgeous photographs of wild African creatures… and deeply inspired! I’m an amateur with nothing but an eye, an iPhone and a starting Nikon… no formal lessons, such passion and the benefit of a beautiful location. Your story makes me feel infinitely hopefully that I can hone my skill through experience… Much love and respect to you, Anne and your boys. I look forward to climbing with you here… and adventuring with fierce beauty on yours

      • derekevens
        January 9, 2013

        Great to have you following my blog, big challenge to keep the flow if images but looking forward to 2013.

      • circulartree
        January 9, 2013

        I have *absolute* faith in your ability to do so! I sense 2013 has the makings of a monumentally creative year…

  5. klarajohannesson
    January 8, 2013

    Beautiful photo. And the text is beautiful too and worth considering.

    • circulartree
      January 9, 2013

      Thank you so much lovely Klara, really appreciate you taking the to stop by and comment. All the best, Bx

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