take my hand and climb with me…

seventy one degrees: ‘and instructions for dancing…’

The Book of Love ~ The Magnetic Fields

seventy one

Depth of kinship, shows in two things. First, to recognise the heart. Of another. And know, their true name. Many look, but few see. There’s power, in names. Love reveals, truth. You saw me, sheer. As I saw you, bare. Though we wore, different labels. By day. For the blind, with their deaf blood drums. Boxing us, anxious and ugly. Too wild, and hippy. Cruel brand, handcuff and shackles. Fashioned to keep, us small and subservient.

Second, understanding. Of gifts. Symbolism, and thought. You were good, with presents. Grand gestures, distilled. In a postcard. Or a post-it. Toothpaste code, on a mirror. Striped tie, true blue. Quicksilver sigil, endlessly circling. Arms, to sleep in. Heat, to melt in. Words, so much music. And magic. You got me, in gifts.

And books. Inscribed in this, a mantra. Of hope:

“ Because nothing is certain, anything is possible! ”


I love it when you read to me…

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