take my hand and climb with me…

sixty two degrees: ‘just enough dark to see…’

The Dreamer ~ The Tallest Man on Earth

sixty two

Day recedes as twilight blazes through a dying sky. Sun’s love letter to night. Abundant palette, clouds swathed gold and electric mother-of-pearl. I remember us, driving back from the airport. Into a sunset, magnificently painted against the grand backdrop. Horizon of hope, a future. And you said: “God’s the ultimate lighting director…”  Takes one, to know one. I’d guess.

I’m just a shadow of your thoughts in me…

2 comments on “sixty two degrees: ‘just enough dark to see…’

  1. Fiona
    December 2, 2012

    I was there – with my African warriors
    Heads held high and proud
    Shouting your name to the ghosts of the land
    Shouting your name till it became the fury of
    A thousand Impi in battle
    Shouting your name till the ground swallowed
    The metal of every last weapon – your name
    Which means – He who speaks wisdom’s truth
    Bringer of rain to cracked water holes
    He who holds the secret of the dawn

    I was there – with my brothers and sisters
    Under the healing acacia – watching as you
    Circled overhead – watching as you escaped the
    Burning heat in the cool deep sand
    Watching as you climbed the highest tree and
    Slept in its branches – watching as you opened
    Your arms to hold the golden light of the sun
    Watching as you gasped at the beauty of the
    Hummingbird’s rainbow coloured body
    Watching as you wept with joy at Nature’s miracle

    (taken from ‘Sheltering Acacia’ by Fiona Almeleh)

    • circulartree
      December 2, 2012

      Oh Fiona! What an utterly amazing, magnificent poem. LOVE it! And would love to read. And dance, commune and celebrate with you. One day soon, beneath this tree. SO much love xx

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