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fifty seven degrees: ‘spending your time thinking…’

Everybody Here Is a Cloud ~ Cloud Cult

fifty seven

I want to give you something. A present. Well no, THE present. I’m currently trying to gift it to myself and thought, perhaps, you’d enjoy it too. For way too long I’ve been locked in a prison of my own making: trapped in the corridors of history, haunted by what-once-was. Or floating in endlessly impossible dreams of a future. Here and now? Truly rooted in *this* present moment? Sometimes. Only, sometimes. You?

From today, for one moment a day. No matter how long. Or short. Intense. Or ordinary. Just BE. Present. Do whatever you’re doing, but become it. Be one. See with all your senses. Start with one: sight. Let the present fill your vision. Really look. Open your ears, and hear. Let sound flood in, cease thinking. Enjoy the music. Become aware of smell, the aromatic bouquet of  life, surrounding you. Soak it in. Taste the richness of the moment, how sight and sound and smell stroke your senses. Conjure complex flavours. Or simple ones. Like basil. Or milk. Feel the ground beneath your feet, water against your skin. Feel what it feels like to be in your body. How the air feels as it fills your lungs. Dissolve into feeling.

Connect your heart to the great heart. Know you are loved. As you are. Right now. That’s the present. And you can give it to yourself. Anytime.

And everybody here will evaporate…

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