take my hand and climb with me…

thirty nine degrees: ‘I’ll see you when I go to sleep…’

Little Talks ~ Of Monsters and Men

thirty nine

Wilful winds howl, bending truth and tree. You know I knew, the ugly lie. Wicked spell you fell beneath, and fumbled lifetimes through. Blood broken by betrayal, abhoration of the light. Feigning friendship, traps you in his dragon web. Escaped burning by a breath, but shame tricks sight with blindness. To commit in stead, a kindred soul to fire. You sent me to his pyre. Though flame consumes mortal flesh, heart balanced on feather. While darkness fails to comprehend: true love will never perish.

So hold my hand, I’ll walk with you, my dear…

One comment on “thirty nine degrees: ‘I’ll see you when I go to sleep…’

  1. seanbidd
    December 12, 2013

    Come now walk with me, beneath the shadow sky.
    As the cracks of blue, they vanish in fallen rain,
    The grass it tangles, beneath our feet, wraps its tunes upon a breeze
    Can you hear the water drops, slow now falling fast,
    To the broken dirt, set to run its course across the plains,
    There’s something out there, about those hidden sounds,
    Do you notice their disappearing subtle touch, notes upon the earth they play
    To collapse beneath the weather’s day….

    Slow the weather changes here, as it creeps across the sky. the day it’s turning into dark, a silent landscape to the Summer’s rise, as wild scents they fill the air upon its cusp, before the torn edges to the gentle rain, do you hear it calling from the inland to the sea… How the day feels, and is changing here.

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