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twenty one degrees: ‘if highest dream of dreams and truth be told…’

Universal Hall ~ The Waterboys Favourite number, birth day. Three sets of seven, cycles within cycles. World of the major arcana. Integration, successful harmonisation of opposites, the great work complete. … Continue reading

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twenty degrees: ‘what a love like this could do…’

I Love You ~ Spain Our secret language, music. First of many mixes. Curled us on a floor, woven through with weeping. Naked as truth, bare and sheer. An oath … Continue reading

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nineteen degrees: ‘cold on the outside…’

Cherry Blossoms ~ Tindersticks Snow crowns nearby mountains, glimpsed for a moment. Then gone. Deluges drown the music. Procession of squalls on the back of a chill. No wood to … Continue reading

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eighteen degrees: ‘the hopes we had were much too high…’

 Keeping The Dream Alive ~ Münchener Freiheit Wild skies foretell brooding chaos building in the atmosphere. Clouds clutch the earth’s waist in an elemental tango. Palpable chemistry, attraction so intense the air’s raw with electricity. … Continue reading

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seventeen degrees: ‘as smitten as that…’

High ~ The Cure Today we set off, a cat tribe climbing. Max led, bid me follow, winter coated and camera slung, up a path from grass to branch to mossy hollow. Simba … Continue reading

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sixteen degrees: ‘peace and quiet and open air…’

Somewhere ~ Tom Waits Love manifests, full spectrum of possibility. Great love descends to set hearts aflame, only to crash like a comet, flaring once against the night sky before … Continue reading

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fifteen degrees: ‘much communication in a motion…’

Avalon ~ Bryan Ferry Skies clad in billowing robes of grey, soft precipitation beats a pit-a-pit on grooved metal roof as mountains and fields disappear. Veil of mist, the elegant … Continue reading

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fourteen degrees: ‘I don’t run and hide…’

Most Of The Time ~ Bob Dylan To see through lies, listen to what’s NOT being said. “I’m not lying; not taking you for a ride; not creating a drama; not having … Continue reading

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thirteen degrees: ‘lay my head on the hood of your car…’

Bloodbuzz Ohio ~ The National Ultra violet, high and free, vibrating life. Spectrum of wild light. Split through love’s piercing prism, shatter in sharp relief, rainbow frequency. All the colours … Continue reading

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twelve degrees: ‘once there was a haunted loop…’

There Are Maybe Ten Or Twelve ~ A.C. Newman A postcard from Parys arrived. The word upon your chest, leitmotif of love. These words upon mine, piece of a poem, … Continue reading

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