take my hand and climb with me…

twenty six degrees: ‘we’re gonna find our way home…’

Winding Road – Bonnie Somerville

twenty six

Desolation has you, kindred. I see without seeing, know without knowing. Such is the bond between us. Turn to face truth emerging, strength now to see it. Despair and disillusionment hang heavy. Your great heart aches. Ruin and tears and wasted time. It’s part II, through. Temptress: crumpled, lost for wings. Angel: lies in dust, abandoned to the ring.

Rain will pass as night comes galloping. Obsidian steed, studded with stars, drags dawn behind her. Hope. Spring. New life. Red wing’d starlings hatch, singing. Max sits in silent vigil. As Cupid to Psyche, we too shall reconcile. Quicksilver bonds of Love and Soul, unbreakable. Sing. Hold on. And walk. One foot leading another.


There’s a little house. On the hill, with a tree. And I’m waiting…


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