take my hand and climb with me…

twenty five degrees: ‘the joy and pain you’ll grow to love…’

Begin Again ~ The Veils

twenty five

Day of forgiveness. For self. And other. Reconciliation. Love. Learn. And begin again. Open the small blood drum to the beat of the Great One. Heart open. To all that is. As it is. Flurry of leaf like love. Keep the stream clean. Speak from there. Listen for the silence. And dance. For when we waltz, there’re two left feet. Each can only claim one. Sometimes a dancer stumbles. Tangle of legs, both fall. Blame. Your left foot. Or mine? What does it matter. Dancing stops. What will you do with your feet? Step away? Or move into step. And begin again. To dance. Joining the flow, the river of life. All life. Free as dust motes in spring air.

We’re all just following the light of long dead stars…

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