take my hand and climb with me…

twenty three degrees: ‘straight into the sunshine…’

The End Of The Movie ~ Stornoway

twenty three

Lost. The absence of, a missing part, a wandering one, a world not won. Reaching for the empty space, the sunlight standing in your place,we will tie one hundred yellow ribbons, and love less of you more.


My first overnight visitor at Die Skudhuisie and this project’s first guest contributor:  please welcome Tasha Saha of Miöja.  An inspirational powerhouse of loving gentleness.

BIG love, profound respect and  immense gratitude. For everything… sister of my soul xx   )

3 comments on “twenty three degrees: ‘straight into the sunshine…’

  1. Dear Blou and Tasha – how lovely to meet you at the enchanted Platbos Forest… Magical and Beautiful you are, as if sprung from the pages of a Fairy Tale Book …xx

    • circulartree
      October 24, 2012

      Ah Melissa, thank YOU! We were both *SO* inspired after our time with you at Platbos. What a most magical, heartfelt place. I plan to return very soon for a longer period to soak in the nurturing wisdom of your ancient trees. Of love. And glorious light… And to discuss more soul seed ideas as I sense there’s wonderful possibilities opening up. And do come visit my oak sometime too, would love to show you the little anonymously that is my world too. Lots of love xx

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